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..DPSFInheritsDrawableGameComponent Property


Get if the Particle Systems are inheriting from DrawableGameComponent or not.

If inheriting from DrawableGameComponent, the Particle Systems are automatically added to the given Game object's Components and the Update() and Draw() functions are automatically called by the Game object when it updates and draws the rest of its Components.

If the Update() and Draw() functions are called by the user anyways, they will exit without performing any operations, so it is suggested to include them anyways to make switching between inheriting and not inheriting from DrawableGameComponent seamless; just be aware that the updates and draws are actually being performed when the Game object is told to update and draw (i.e. when base.Update() and base.Draw() are called), not when the particle system functions are called.

Namespace: DPSF

Assembly: DPSF (in DPSF.dll) Version:



public static bool DPSFInheritsDrawableGameComponent { get; }

Visual Basic

Public Shared ReadOnly Property DPSFInheritsDrawableGameComponent As Boolean


Visual C++


static property bool DPSFInheritsDrawableGameComponent {

 bool get ();


Property Value

Type: Boolean

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