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DPSF API Documentation
..LerpEmittersPositionAndOrientation Property

This property tells if the we should Lerp (Linearly Interpolate) the Position and Orientation of the Emitter from one update to the next. If the Emitter is moving very fast, this allows the particle system to spawn new particles in between the Emitter's old and new position, so that new particles are evenly spaced out between the Emitter's previous and current position, instead of all of the particles being spawned at the Emitter's new position.

If this property is true, the Emitter's Position and Orientation will be Lerped while emitting particles.

If this property is false, all of the particles will be emitted as the Emitter's current Position and Orientation.

If you generally want Lerping enabled, but want to temporarily disable it to "teleport" the emitter from one position to another without particles being Lerped between the two positions, you can set this properly to false and then back to true after the particle system's Update() function has been called, or you can simply set the LerpEmittersPositionAndOrientationOnNextUpdate to false, which will disable Lerping the position and orientation only for the next particle system Update().

Default is true.

Namespace: DPSF

Assembly: DPSF (in DPSF.dll) Version:



public bool LerpEmittersPositionAndOrientation { getset; }

Visual Basic

Public Property LerpEmittersPositionAndOrientation As Boolean



Visual C++


property bool LerpEmittersPositionAndOrientation {

 bool get ();

 void set (bool value);


Property Value

Type: Boolean

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