Creating New Particle Systems From Scratch

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This section describes the process of creating a new DPSF particle system from scratch.


Rather than creating a particle system that inherits from the default particle classes, you may want to create a new particle system from scratch.  The main reason for doing this would be for conserving memory, as the default particle classes may define many particle properties that your particle system does not use.  By creating a new particle system from scratch however, you will not have access to the functionality provided in the default particle systems and will need to code all functionality into the particle system yourself.


The first thing to do is to create a new particle system file from a template and import it into your project.  Be sure to import one of the template files whose name does not start with Default, as those are the templates that inherit the default particle systems' functionality.


Once the template is imported into your project, you will want to create a new custom particle class, particle vertex structure, and particle system class.