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Welcome to the DPSF (Dynamic Particle System Framework) help documentation.  This section describes what DPSF is and some reasons why you may want to use it.


If you want to simply get started using DPSF right away, take a look at the Tutorials section.


Also, I always find that it is easiest to learn from examples, so in addition to the tutorials check out the DPSF Demo source code to see how the particle systems used in the demo were created.  You can open the DPSF Demo project and run it in Visual Studio 2010 from the DPSF entry in the Windows Start Menu, or by opening the DPSF Demo.sln file in the installation directory (typically C:\DPSF) (you will need to have XNA Game Studio 4.0 installed as well to run it).


You can also check out the DPSF API Documentation to see specific class and function information.


Also, visit regularly to check for updated versions of DPSF, or to post any questions or comments you may have about DPSF you can use the DPSF Forums.


To see what's new in this version of DPSF, check out the Change Log.  If you just updated to a newer version of DPSF and are having trouble getting your particle systems working as before, check out the section on Updating Your Existing Particle Systems to Newer Versions of DPSF.


Be sure to check out the License used by DPSF to see what restrictions you may have to abide by to use DPSF in your project.



We Would Appreciate...


We strongly encourage you to announce the release of any application that uses DPSF on the DPSF Forums so that others can see how DPSF is being used.  Your product may even be featured on  This is a form of free advertising for your application, encouraging more people to check it out.


If your product has a website, we would also appreciate a mention of DPSF on the website along with a link back to


If you post a video of your product, please mention DPSF in the description, and include "DPSF" in the video keywords so that your video will be found when people search for DPSF.


If you are using DPSF in your application, we encourage you to donate any amount that you think is appropriate to DPSF to help keep DPSF free.  Any amount helps, no matter how small.