Particle System Manager

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The Particle System Manager class is provided to make updating and drawing multiple particle systems easier.  For examples of how to use the Particle System Manager, see Defining, Updating, and Drawing a Particle System, or take a look at GameMain.cs included in the DPSF Demo source code.


In addition to managing particle systems, the Particle System Manager class provides the function DrawAllParticleSystemsToTexture() to draw the particle systems to a Texture2D object.  The Particle System Manager also provides the function DrawAllParticleSystemsAnimationToFiles() (Windows only, not Xbox 360) as well to output the animation in the form of separate image files, a single tile set image file, or an animated gif, instead of drawing it to the particle system's Graphics Device (i.e. the screen).


For a complete list of the Particle System Managers functions, see the DPSF API Documentation.